What You Love You Are

Who chooses us to depict the world
by when we lose our grip on it?
Whose ambassadors are we?

In this re-issued and updated collection of poems – which have appeared in newspapers, literary magazines, and anthologies in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom –  Michele Nayman deals with internal and external landscapes that can be sources of terror but also of calm.  She believes that poems can show us where we’ve been and perhaps help us see where we might yet go.

A boat without oars.
Winds toss it this way and that.
Have faith in the waves.

What You Love You Are was first published by Neptune Press, Geelong, Australia, in 1977.   Republished 2012 by Guardian Press, with later poems added.

Some of these poems appeared in:

Magazines:  Contempa, Quadrant, Melbourne Chronicle, Circus, Farrago, and Melbourne University Magazine.

Anthologies:  Neon Signs to the Mutes (Edited by Patsy Adam-Smith, Michael Dugan, and J.S. Hamilton, AH & AW Reed, 1976), Poet’s Choice 1977 (Edited by Philip Roberts, Island Press, 1977), Poet’s Choice 1978 (Edited by Philip Roberts, Island Press, 1978), Messages In A Bottle (Edited by Michael Dugan, Barbara Giles, and J. S. Hamilton, Hutchinson, 1978), Of Human Beings and Chestnut Trees (Edited by Michael Dugan, Barbara Giles, and J. S. Hamilton, Kingfisher, 1980), Geelong Autumn Anthology 1976 (Neptune Press), Maryborough Festival 1976 and Maryborough Festival 1977, A Spin of Pink Heath (Edited by Kathryn Purnell, Neptune Press, 1980), Pomegranates (Edited by Gael Hammer, Millennium Books, 1988), Does Nothing Rhyme With Charlbury? Poems From A Little Town Of Stone (Edited by Rob Stepney, The Wychwood Press, 2006).

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